Break The Chain - Tote Bag

Representing liberation from forced labor, our "Break The Chain" tote bag expresses our commitment to freedom, compassion, and dignity for each person. Our lives are linked to more than 45 million people today working against their will. 

Wear this shirt to remind you of our interconnectedness and our shared responsibility to create more humanity for one another.


  • Exceptionally soft fabric, so it will feel good against your shoulder or arms
  • 'Tough as nails' woven construction, so you can fill this tote without worrying about tearing
  • Made in the USA, by people paid a fair wage!
  • Dimensions: 14 3/8" x 14" (36.5cm x 35.6cm)
  • Two handles for easy holding

FEEL PROUD when you sport this tote, made in California by Los Angeles Apparel clothing company. The company is committed to producing goods in the USA while paying a fair wage. 

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